Transition Assistance for Veterans

These are all the links I got from TAP at Annapolis Naval Station in March 2005, plus a few others as I come across them, and my commentary, having gone through the process up to the point of choosing job offers.

Personal Property

Smart Web Move
JFTR Vol I, Ch 5 (Household Goods/Personal Property)

Consumer Information

Consumer Information Center
Consumer Theft

Credit Reports & Bureaus

The three major credit bureaus, Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax have put together a coordinated site, where you can get your free annual credit reports online. They're not required to give you free access to the scores, eg, FICO scores, they sell to inquirers, but they'll sell them to you, along with credit monitoring services out the wazoo. I recommend you get the scores and keep them and the credit reports on file so you can monitor them over time. Skip the services.

Life Insurance

Types of Life Insurance
Life Insurance Quotes


DANTES Standard Subject Tests for credit
Navy College Learning Center
Verification of Military Education & Training (contact FFSC)
Sailor/Marine American Council on Education Registry Transcript

Civil Sector Jobs

Job Hero has a Guide to Negotiating Your Salary
Craigslist gives away a massive, wellknown database with best odds of matching a job, or anything else. The classifieds meet Google.
Monster Company Search sells a massive, wellknown database. Gets money from everyone, matches very few jobs. A dot-com survivor.
Bradley-Morris sells personal service; gets money from employers, and won't stop calling.
Blue to Gray sells impersonal service to the socially insecure; gets money from employers and books.
Cameron Brooks sells 'top-secret' strategy to 'the best' candidates looking for 'elite' companies. Gets its money from employers and backroom book sales. Will insist on you not working with any of the other firms.

Public Sector Jobs

USA Jobs This is a waste of time. I have never met anyone who got a job through this service. If you want a federal job, your odds are far better to get any federal job through a connection, someone you know, and then move within the system to a job you want.
GS pay tables
Air Force
Coast Guard
DoD Agency & Military Depts
DoT Jobs
Homeland Security
Navy Common Hiring Categories
Troops to Teachers
Transition to Teaching
Maryland Workforce Exchange Maryland 1-stop Career Centers


DoD Transportal Checklists
Occupational Outlook
Career Interest Game
CV Centre (UK, w/ samples)
Office of Personnel Management
  The Fact Book (Vet Guide, Employment Programs & Opportunities, Vet Preference)
Crosswalk MOS to OPM Series


RAPIDS Site Locator
Dept of Veterans Affairs
VA Current Benefits Booklet
VA Homeloans
VA Health Benefits
VA Compensation & Pension
VA Forms
State Benefits by State
GI Bill (800) 827-1000
Unemployment Compensation
Continued Health Care Benefit Program
Military Officers Association of America
Employer Support of the Guard & Reserve (ESGR)


Electronic Service Jacket
National Archives & Records Administration
Board of Correction to Naval Records
Discharge Review Boards
Pers312 for corrections to DD214 w/in 6 months of separation from the Navy
Corrections to DD214 w/in 6 months if transferred to Naval Reserve
Corrections to DD214 outside 6 months


Pretty much anything associated with online education is a scam. If in doubt, US News has 10 red flags to watch for. In general, make sure it's a brick-and-morter campus before you apply. Here are a couple meta-examples that were kind enough to spam my inbox: